Apr 24

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Anonymous asked: What happened to your twitter lmaoooo

idk twitter reset my password cuz spam & I didn’t know the email I signed up w but I figured it out haha

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Apr 23

Anonymous asked: Do you and hosie live with your mom? is she ok with you being lesbian? I wish my mom was aha

lol ya

Anonymous asked: Do you think you'd do sexual things with hosie?

we do? obviously?

hhhilary asked: Why'd you get a new tumbleeee

my other one wouldn’t let me sign in


The usual.


The usual.

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Anonymous asked: So you and hosie are together , but you guys can also like other men or women while in a relationship , I'm sorry not to be nosey or anything

guys, yes
girls no.

Anonymous asked: are you and hosie really a couple? or

this is the last time I’m answering this. YES.

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